Governance Structure

Pakistan is governed by its Board of Directors (BOD)

Mr. Samson Salamat Mr. Altaf Ahmed
Chairman BoD Member BoD
Mr. Gul Munir Noohpoto Member BoD
Miss. Saira Sahar Member BoD
Miss. Komal Patras Member BoD

The Board is the key policy making and governance body of PAHEL and works independently. It formulates and approves policies and organizational systems and evaluates the overall performance of the organization on period basis, the organization's Board of Directors comprises of professionals both from public and private sector. By affiliation they are community development professionals, intellectuals, academicians, social activists, media and gender experts.

Key Personnel’s of Pahel Pakistan

S.No Name Designation Occupation Email
1 Deedar Ali mirani CEO Social Activists
2 Waheed Ali memon Finance Director Social Activists
3 Bashir Waseem Ahmed Manager Program Social Activists
4 Sidra-tul-Muntiha Finance Officer Social Activists