About Us
Brief of Pahel Pakistan
PAHEL is a Non-Government and Non-Profit Organization, founded in February 2006 by activists and other likeminded leaders. PAHEL was registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 on August 31, 2009. The group believed in a Chinese proverb that 'A journey of thousand miles must begin with first step' Hence an initiative for social development in the society was taken by the group and founded an association called PAHEL (PAHEL is an Urdu word that means an initiative).

PAHEL firmly believes in the establishment and development of institutions. That's why PAHEL will be striving to establish and strengthen more institutions through institutional approach. The organization was formed to bridge the gap between Right holders and Duties bearers / service providers through social development initiatives, advocacy and lobbying on the issues of common people. PAHEL, strives to promote a culture and environment, where people can enjoy their fundamental rights without a hitch.

PAHEL believes that the Resilient Society cannot be possible, until all groups contribute their capacities to the societal exertion. The troubles of socially ignored segments of society like Women, Children, Transgender, Religious minorities, differently able and rural youth, are highly in focus. PAHEL Pakistan visualize their invisible vulnerabilities and take these all groups onboard to reduce the risk to their lives and livelihood, and to make realization of their importance for the holistic development in society.

PAHEL has emerged as a leading humanitarian and human development organization in Sindh and is committed to bring a wider level social change through utilization of existing social capital; transformation of active participants and change makers from passive and marginalized groups through education, sensitization, social mobilization, capacity building, establishing social safety nets and advocacy.

Pahel contributes and supports to form well-prepared and orderly movement of individuals away from hazards to protect lives and assets, improve access to assistance and livelihood opportunities and facilitate a swift return to normalcy as conditions allow. Given the intrinsic links between mobility, risk and resilience, Pahel brings a unique perspective to risk reduction efforts by situating mobility at the Centre of its operational strategy to reduce risk and build resilience as well as yearly contingency planning. This sustainable approach become reality through initiating the linkages development between Pahel & government Institutions like NDMA/PDMA and engaged their youth in shape of membership of Rapid Response Team to improve their practices in emergency and to prepare in case of disasters through mitigation and adaptation strategy.