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1: Human Rights & Democracy

PAHEL aims for the; Protection of Human Rights, Women & Child Rights, Advocacy & Lobbying for Legislative rights, Mass Awareness and Capacity Building, Fight against Human Rights Violation, Voter Education, Advocacy for People friendly policies/laws, Promotion of Democratic Culture through awareness raising.

2: Peace & Tolerance

PAHEL believes that peace is not possible until unless there is religious and political tolerance in the society. In this regard PAHEL has initiated a tolerance movement in Pakistan and wishes to promote the culture of dialogue in the society.

3: Women Empowerment

To raise the unheard voice of Women, PAHEL is willing to instigate its Endeavor for Ending Violence against Women, Increase Women participation in governance and decision making and initiating special programmes for Women's TVET and skills development.

4: Climate Change
PAHEL conceive the burning issue of Climate Variability and prioritized its efforts to enhance Climate Resilience through reduce the climate related vulnerabilities, developing adaptation models, strengthening communities at local level, building coordination b/w stakeholders and Climate Justice through Policy Advocacy.
5: Natural Resources Management
Looking over the situation of Natural Resource, PAHEL is willing to protect the ecosystem and natural resource. Sub-components under the NRM theme are Conservation of Natural Resource, Aforestation, Wild Life Protection, Water Management and Governance.
6: Disaster Risk Reduction & Management
PAHEL works with communities to reduce the risk of disaster and hazarduous elements for the lives and livelihoods. PAHEL is focused on the programs on CBDRR and Humanitarian Response (specialy in the areas of WASH, Health, Shelter, EFSL, Protection).
7: Food Security & Livelihoods
programme, PAHEL works with local communities, specially the small holder and landless farmers (Men and Women), facilitate them to develop income generation sources through sustainable land management, Technical skills development, awareness raising and linking them with Financial Services. Under this
8: Quality Education
Changing community norms to increase girls' enrollment

PAHEL beleives that an educated mother can change the a family and generations. Thats why PAHEL is working on Quality Education, with focus on girls education and instigate to work on early child development and learning, Promoting Public-Private Education system and inovation in formal and non-formal education.
This theme aims to promote Environmental Health in rural and urban areas through increased availability of Safe Water, constructing efficient Sanitation Structures and Promote Hygiene Practices in remote areas. To make communities more aware on Water and Vector born diseases and its prevention through improved hygiene.
10: Health
PAHEL aims to build the sustainable Health System in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh Province through establishment of Improved Primary Health care facilities, Awareness Raising and community services for MNCH, Family Planning and Reproductive Health to make Women and Families healthy.
11: Community Physical Infrastructure
PAHEL aims to strengthen the rural infrastructure through construction of structure in like Primary Roads, Culverts, Community level Irrigation System, Shelter/Housing and Renewable Energy.
12: Humanitarian Response
Since the country has faced various worst disaster; PAHEL has started to response the Humanitarian Crises affecting the lives and livelihoods of communities since establishment. PAHEL works with most vulnerable groups and communities to decrease their suffering due to disaster and help them to handle the situation through Rescue,.................................